Sydney Trumpeter and Stomvi Artist Phill O'Neill


Online Trumpet Teacher/ Tutor, Freelance Trumpet player, Trumpet soloist (2018 Ictus International Trumpet solo competition winner) & Stomvi Artist Phill O’Neill.

Online Trumpet School

Not in Sydney? Not a problem! We are now on Skype! Book an Online Trumpet Lesson today!


How does it work?

  • Email to arrange a suitable lesson time.

  • Choose lesson plan. Casual or bundle for discount. Purchase by clicking HERE.

  • Log into Skype at our lesson start time and I will start video chat with you.


Casual lessons are $60 per hour. Please allow a minimum 90 minutes for first lesson to allow for possible technical difficulties.

5 lesson bundle $270. 10% discount. 


Tips to get the most out of your lesson

  1. Be warmed up and ready to go beforehand.

  2. Know what you would like to work on in advance. eg. range, endurance, specific pieces, excerpts etc.

  3. Keep a sharp pencil at the ready to mark your music.