Sydney Trumpeter and Stomvi Artist Phill O'Neill


Online Trumpet Teacher/ Tutor, Freelance Trumpet player, Trumpet soloist (2018 Ictus International Trumpet solo competition winner) & Stomvi Artist Phill O’Neill.


Tutorial Packages


Beginner Trumpet course

Never played Trumpet before? Here is the perfect place to start. This course is the ideal place to teach you everything you need to get you started.


Level 1

This level is designed for people who know are wanting to get back into Trumpet playing after a long break or people who have progressed beyond the Beginner program.


Level 2

Now you’re getting there. This is when the fun begins! We introduce leadpipe Buzzing, mouthpiece Buzzing and some other fun exercises to take your Trumpet playing to the next level.


Level 3

Now we’re cookin’. This level we’re extending our range, endurance and really getting a good grasp on air flow and tongue dexterity.